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Create Carolina: A Southern Fried Arts and Film Festival is a three-week multidisciplinary arts festival bringing together artists from around the country. The public, students and educators are all invited to share in this exciting creative opportunity. Be involved, be present and be enriched by our very own version of expression!

The festival presents main stage productions from both established and emerging artists. In addition there is a university three credit hour course, performance opportunities, lectures and master workshops.

Victoria and Frederick for President
Written by Jonathan L. Davidson

Vic and Fred

Create Carolina 2008 presented the world premiere of “Victoria and Frederick for President”: Before there was a Hillary there was Victoria, and before there was an Obama there was Douglass. A little know fact in American History is that in 1872 Victoria Woodhull, the first female stockbroker, ran for president and nominated Fredrick Douglass, a former slave, as her vice presidential nominee.

Inspired by the political climate of 2007, Create Carolina used our unique collaborative process to write a new innovative theater piece about the untold story of Victoria Woodhull and Frederick Douglass. Our writer in residence collaborated with Winthrop University students to create a piece that examined the parallels between the political processes of then and now by using a format that combined multimedia and theatre.

We are excited to announance that
Victoria & Frederick for President
was selected for the 2009 NY International Fringe Festival. The performances included Winthrop University Alumni and was performed at The New School for Drama.


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